01. introduction

Mandesso is born on the grounds of over 10 years design and engineering experience within the core of the OEM’s automotive industry.

Defined as a platform for the definition and conceptualisation of mobility vehicles, it specialises on niche vehicles and their functionalities.

We gather the knowledge and expertise of the main automotive brands and we transfer it to the niche market, by tailoring technologies, materials and functionalities.

Covering the whole mobility sectors, we add the factibility and project management added values, with the option of industrialisation on short numbers.

Mandesso’s core team members have a strong design and engineering background within some of the main automotive companies, like Jaguar, Nissan, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Barcelona Centre de Tecnologies and MSX International.

Founded in the UK, Mandesso operates from its offices in Bilbao (Spain) and Coventy (UK).