FMEA Conflicts resolution

Have you started a FMEA and not finished it?

Have you had problems when developing it?

Does it seam tedious and boring?

Do you find it hard to prioritise the resources allocation?

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If you already use FMEA...

We address the main conflicts and errors the methodology presents, that prevent the FEMA to flow and to provide the performance and benefits that are expected to be obtained from it.

Some of them are inherent to the tool format itself, so we propose modifications to the traditional, internationally used format for ease of use.

We propose a dynamic, visual and participatory methodology, integrating tools used in creativity, in order for the FMEA to flow more easily and to have a live tracking to product launch.


Aimed at people who, already using FMEA, encounter conflicts and bottlenecks in its execution.

The course identifies the main and most common 14 conflicts the methodology presents, and proposing tools for to resolve them, so all its benefits can be obtained.

Aimed at:

Design and development engineers

Product designers

Managers, directors

Course topics

1: What is FEMA, its objectives and benefits?;

2: Main conlficts, bottlenecks ane errors. Creative tools used to help and solve them;

3: Main FMEA types;

4: Creative and dynamic methodology;

5: Blocks diagram, noise diagram, FMEA template;

6: Failure modes, Causes, controls, evaluations and actions;

7: Resources prioritasion;


Presential on-site


Distance learning