The 3D Digital Anthropometric Dummy Project

3D CAD software is used to design cars, furniture, homes, wheel chairs, and all kind of different stuff. Ergonomics play a very important role on this and yet, most of the ergonomic studies are done by using 2D human data.

Different size models are not just scaled ones. Human proportions for babies are different than the ones for youths, and these ones are different from the adult ones.

What we are proposing with our project is to model a whole range of 3D Digital Anthropometric Human Models, 29 in total, covering the whole range of percentiles, from 2 months old babies to both female and male adults, these ones as 1, 50 and 95 percentiles.

By taking existing 2D information data and measurements, the 3D Digital Models will be built to accommodate 98% of the US population. Taking the 2D dimension drawings as the foundations, we will build the 3D Digital Models maintaining all these key measurements and proportions.

Each model will be modelled as IGS and STP files, with a drawing showing the dimensions for every main part.

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