intelligent mobility

The concept of Smart Mobility represents the starting point that will revolutionise the world of transportation in the coming years. The combination of the importance of this sector in the world economy and the continued progress of scientific and technological capabilities in the development of the ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) represents the kick-off for changing the concept of mobility as we understand it.

The collaboration of a group of professional individuals and companies linked to the Automotive Design and Development of different countries, being Mandesso Design one of them, has led to the birth of the Smart Mobility Products Alliance, specialised on the Design and Development of Intelligent Mobility Products.

The Alliance groups as well a number of professionals linked to other complementary sectors, like the Nautical Design, Design Management and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

As being aware of the current transportation changing conditions and its relationship with the technologies, and by using the Design and Conceptualisation languages as the key and hard points, the Smart Mobility Products Alliance focuses on the intelligent mobility products investigation and innovation.